With high hopes for a fruitful collaboration between organizations, we invite you to join us and to support our initiative for the facilitation of a circular economy in Romania.

By means of the “ROADMAP FOR DEVELOPING A STRATEGY ON THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN ROMANIA 2030” conference and workshop, we suggest the involvement of the interested parties in identifying and bringing together circular economy practices; developing recommendations for the Romanian Government in order to facilitate the transition towards a circular economy; identifying opportunities within the circular economy for consolidating international economic competition and raising the quality of life for everyone.

Vice-prime minister Grațiela Leocadia Gavrilescu, the minister of environment, expressed her support for the project on December 6th, 2018, at the “Virtuous Circles Mission to Romania – Circular economy success stories”, where the project has been presented to the public for the very first time: “[…] For us, the transition to a circular economy is an exceptional opportunity to achieve a zero-waste policy. We support your project and we would like to propose that you organize the National Conference on the Strategy on Circular Economy once Romania takes over the European Commission Presidency […]”.

Therefore, alongside the other eight regional conferences and within our responsibility as a member of ECESP, our initiative wishes to contribute towards the involvement of all stakeholders and to develop a strategy on the circular economy in Romania 2020-2030.

The conference is organized by IRCEM with the support of the European Circular Stakeholders Platform (ECESP), a common initiative of the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Commission. More information regarding this subject can be found on our website,, or on

We stay at your disposal with further information!